You Can Take It From Here

by Dominic Rae

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welshmusicfan thumbnail
welshmusicfan I can't stop singing this song, great hook and lovely lyrics! I love the whole album, there are some real gems on 'You Can Take It From Here' - well worth downloading! Favorite track: I Like You.
mattaustin95 thumbnail
mattaustin95 On an album that dances between reflective folk melancholy and boundless pop optimism, it's pretty hard to find a track you don't love. plus the riff on 'What is on your mind' is so good what the heck dom Favorite track: What Is On Your Mind?.
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Songs from the past year. A lot went down in the last 12 months, personally, socially, academically, musically, mycologically, and I've made a lot of songs about what I've heard, seen and felt.


released September 1, 2017

Humongous thank yous to my friends and family, old and new, for helping shape my life and my music, to the teachers I've had along the way, and of course to my mother dearest, whose constant support and seemingly inexhaustible supply of bacon sandwiches have seen me through many a grey, cloudy morning.

All songs written, performed, recorded and produced by Dominic Rae




Dominic Rae Brighton, UK

Dominic Rae is a musician and sound engineer, currently stationed in Brighton.

Centred on folk and emo and learning the ropes of sound, song by song by song.

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Track Name: Get You
I can't remember the last time that I
Stepped outside and wasn't taken
Aback by all the light and colours and
Secrets just off the beaten track

But you can't recall the world at all as you
Sit inside and tap away on the internet
It's a waste of breath to try to get you to
Come outside with me

With me

So you do you and I'll do me
But I think it's plainly clear to see
Who's having more fun in their own way
So I'll come back again and try another day

To Get you
Track Name: Love Song For The Boy In My Head Who Doesn't Exist
Bright lights and the sound of laughter should
Be more appealing but
All I want to
Do is cry

The people I'm with slowly
Losing their drinks at the
Same rate as they
Lose their minds

But in my head I am
Turning tricks as I
Dream about what you'll be

Will you have that
Dark brown hair I
Think about every

And when we meet will
I repeat my-
Self out of flustered
Plain-faced delight?

Friendly conversation
Hangs on my lips as I
Think about you
Late at night

Suddenly I'm struck with grief as
I remember that you're just a figment of
My own mind
Softly teasing me

And I remember that
You're not real and I
Should not linger on

You probably
Don't exist and
That's really hard to

But that doesn't mean that
I can't dream a-
Bout you at least 'til

I'll see you in my dreams
Track Name: The Passerby
The Passerby with the pale, sallow skin
Uncomfortable in the clothes that he is in
In his bag he holds paper and pen
Clutched between his fingers, so, so thin

And he wanders day to day on these grey streets
He wonders when he'll next have food to eat
A penny for his soul sketched out in crayon
And two for the demons hid within

And he walks, and walks, and walks along
The roads that take him back to where he's been
Neither sin to his soul nor a virtue in his heart
To give

In the corner of my eye
The passerby

A poet and a nomad and a muse
With feet bruised from the cobbles 'neath his shoes
But the people will not listen, oh the people do not care
As they drink and hate and smoke and they abuse

And it's cold outside as he sits down in a door
A lighter's sputtered spark to keep him warm
Uncertain of his past, god he hasn't slept in three days

His bag hangs loose beside him as he
Looks up to the sky,
The passerby, his future cluttered and

His bag suddenly gone, as a
Stranger carried on, and
The passerby was pushed to the floor
His poems and his demons lost for sure

The passerby with the pale, sallow skin
Uncomfortable in the clothes that he is in
His pen and paper stolen, and his lungs take away
And his demon walks no longer with him

In the corner of my eye,
In the corner of my eye,
In the corner of my eye,

He passes by
Track Name: The New Day
Hello to the new day
In a way I don't want anything to
And the people keep on moving

And some say I should take my time
To decide what to
Do with my life

But I like when the clouds just float on by

And everybody stared at me as I
Listed my biography
I wonder if they even cared
At all

I guess it doesn't matter as I
Rise to greet the day
And lazy sunlight leaks
Across the wall


They've always said I have a
Way with words
But I don't think this is quite what they

But pictures of shoes and pitchers of booze
And all the little things I can't forget
Don't make a song
That's what they said

All of the people who I'll
One day say goodbye to
I hope that I'll remember your

You won't remember mine and that's
Fine by me
It'll be a nice surprise for when we meet

All those hours spent in your life
And all the days alone in mine
If you don't remember me
Then don't forget the songs I sing

Goodbye to the new day
In a way I don't think anything has
And the people kept on moving

And they said I should take my time
With my life so if you
Need me I'll be hanging the stars in the
Track Name: Karma
The stars hold no secrets
The world doesn't care
As I try to play out
The saint
And though no one's watching
For the one I love
I'll wait

And I smile a little to the side
Today I'll be lucky
Lucky me
And I know I'll get you
Because Karma owes me a favour
You see

It's a strange place we live in
The poor feed the rich
And people fighting
Don't give an inch
But through all of this
No virtue and no sin

And now I'll never
Get you
Because it was me that owed the favour
Because I'm no saviour
Karma was never on my side
Now I see

The universe
In all its beauty
Is still imperfect
To me
It cannot know
What you mean to me

When I write a song
Some words and a tune
Do I write it for me
Or do I write it for you?
Track Name: Eulogy
I wrote a eulogy today
It's a first draft, so I'll probably change some things
But I can't shake the feeling
That I missed out all the things you meant to me

So I hope
They'll see
Just what
You meant
To me

Thank you all for attending today
I'm a bit nervous, so I'll try to keep it short
The best of them was yet here to behold
And I know that they could have given so much more

So I hope
You see
Just what
They meant
To me

I gave a eulogy today
They were so kind they all applauded when I was done
But I still can't shake the feeling
That what you meant to me was more than they could see
In the tears streaming down my face

So I guess
I'll be
The only one who knew
What you meant to me
Track Name: I Like You
So what do you study?
And what's your favourite music?
Do you wanna go out sometime
And see a movie with me?

And you're pretty handsome
You better believe it
So I wrote this song to
Express myself clearly

So what's your favourite song?
Is it the one that I'm singing?
And if not do you think I could change your mind if I
Change my tune?

And I think you should know
That I'm thinking about you
Cuz I don't believe I've met anybody
Quite like you

I like your hair
I like your smile
I like the way that you think, and I think I would like to
Stay with you a while

I like your eyes
And I like your body
And when you're looking at me I can hear myself breath
And I slowly start to smile

So how are you doing?
Work is keeping you busy
Well I'm glad you chose to come out and
Have dinner with me

And I can tell that you're different
You see things more clearly
And your vision speaks out to me,
But oh please, oh please!

So what's your favourite song?
Is it the one that I'm singing?
And if not do you think I could change your mind if I
Change my tune?

And I think you should know
That I'm thinking about you
Cuz I don't believe I've met anybody
Quite like you

I like your laugh
I like your stories
Your crazy days and your crazy ways make me
Lose my mind

And I like your shoes
Your exquisite tunes
And be careful with me or you might even become
An optimist in time

Luck would tell it's romance and a
New friend that I've found
Coincidence aside I feel
Better when you're around

It barely even matters to me if you
Feel the way I do
Just know that I'll be there
For you

Cuz I like you
Yeah I like you
I like you
Oh I like you

Step into my life if you want to
And I'll step into yours
But if you don't want me that's fine I see I'll just
Like you from a little further away
Track Name: Miniature
The train station near where you live
Was wreathed in shadows with so much to give
Eyes stare and lips flare as I walk past they say
I've got someone to forgive

A party with with friends I'll just skip to the end
Where you pass out, glass out, with bones to mend
The smell of cheap wine and yesterday's shirt
I'll call you and cry when my lungs start to hurt

Achingly beautiful and painfully sweet
I'd stick out my tongue, but it sticks to my teeth
I brush my teeth twice to get the taste of booze out of my friends' mouths

Some songs I play out of time
Some songs I play at a crawl
Some songs I sing out of tune
Some songs I don't sing at all
Track Name: Forget Me Not
The neurones in your brain fire
.2 times a second and
When I'm in the room do you
Even know I'm present?
They say to count our blessings but
Where are the blessings
For you?

And for the last two years I've been
Holding down the fort
I've been feeding you your pills and
Taking you on walks
But nothing gets better, no
And I don't think you're coming back
For good

So I run out to the garden and
Feel like I could cry
When out of the blue in the
Corner of my eye
A tiny frail flower and my
Mind recalls the name
So I bring a few inside to
Make a little chain


Lose your

Our friends sent us some cards but you
Don't recall their names
So I helped you spell them out and we
Made a little game
Where if you got one right, and
Without any help,
You'd get nothing
Because you don't want much else

And at the clinic silently you
Sit and stare at me
But I don't think you recall just
What you mean to me
So I whisper little secrets
Directly in your ear
So that you're the only listener;
You're the only one that hears

And over on the counter,
Framed against the sky
A tiny frail flower hued in
Blue has caught your eye
So I go and bring it back and
You wonder what it's called
But not really you don't tend to wonder
Anything at all


Lose your

Is it selfish
To want you back?
To turn back the clock
With Polaroid and Kodak
I know you don't remember all the
Years gone by
But trust me when I say, you wouldn't regret a thing
We wouldn't regret a thing you and I


Your Thoughts

The neurones in your brain fire
Fewer times a second
Every minute you're alive and
Ever hour I am present
I hope that there's still hope
I hope that I can cope
'Til the end

And when you look at me
I sometimes catch a glimpse
Of memories played back but
As you slowly, slowly blink
I can see the light start fading and
I know the hope is gone
It'll be a blessing when you go,
A blessing to move on
Track Name: Dreaming
Search long and hard
And find your place
It won't be easy
To look for it in the state

You left your
Life in, find it
Waiting for you, they're waiting for you

Search near and far
And find your peace
It won't be simple
To align all the pieces

Of your new
Bedroom, no room
For sleeping, for dreaming

Swaying on a
Lamppost in the
Middle of the

Shoes hang from the
Wires not a
Soul in

Dreaming you may
Be but don't you
Stay too

Or when you wake,
All your friends
Will be
Track Name: In Kind
It's so crowded
In the space that I cannot see
I see no reason to leave it now
But maybe that's just me

And I feel you all
Pulling on my strings
You show me things
It's a novelty

What would I do without the
People that shape me?
They've slowly snuck into my

Open your lungs
To breath in the smoke
In through your mouth
And out through your nose

Like a book
Teaching me how to read
I'm a soldier out of war
A sailor lost at sea

Imagine the surprise
Painted on my face
A change of pace as I embrace
The person I've come to be

What would I do without
The people that make me?
They've slowly crept under my

Open your eyes,
The windows to your soul
To let all the sunlight

And I was so confused
About the writing on my eyelids
It made me think about how drink
To live life and just let loose

What happens next is a mystery to me
No hints, no tips, no clues
I'll take each day as it comes
And know that I've got nothing to lose

These semi-crowded streets
Follow me home
On the bus that they're underneath
They zig-zag through my mind

Open my eyes to find all the people
I've met these past few weeks
They're smiling at me
So I look at them and smile in kind
Track Name: What Is On Your Mind?
A mood I can't quite seem to shake
A spell I don't have the heart to break

Call it what it is it's a new rendition of the
Old condition that I'm getting to know

Could I be any more cliché?

Say it how it is it's a battle that's lost
Long before it's fought

Oh, but content dictates form

What is on your mind
As you leave me behind?
What is on your mind
As you leave me behind?

And don't you know that you're so oblivious?
So I take a step back and I don't treat it too seriously
Escapism, dreams, and photo machines
That way to avoid reality
So I carry on dreaming a fantasy
Where you like me

I'll call it occupational hazard
Some things weren't meant to be, apparently

Tell me your story I'm dying to know how you
Came your way to be

Keep it locked away, there's more than I could hope to see

Tell me your stories I'm dying to know if there's
Any hope for me

Is that selfish? Maybe

What is on your mind
As you leave me behind?
What is on your mind?
Don't leave me behind

And can't you tell that you're so oblivious?
So I take a deep breath and I don't treat it too seriously
Escapism, dreams, and photo machines
To keep me from finding reality
I'm in my own little world where I
Carry on dreaming a fantasy
Cuz the way that I see you will never see
Yeah I keep on dreaming my dream

That you like me

What is on your mind
As you leave me behind?
Track Name: Riddle
A riddle with no solution
No trick or clue at hand
A door without a key to kill the
Lock as I had planned

But if I burn the page the words can't
Ever bother me
And maybe with a window through the
Door then I can see

That you're not like a riddle
Or a door with no way in
No you're not just a puzzle
Or a book that I begin

But what you are to me
Isn't simple as that

What you are to me

You're a smile upon a face and the
Wind at my back
You're a cheerful mood to pave the way, a
New a different track

You're a smile in the morning and a
Kind thought at night
You're a secret of mine at the
Edge of my sight

But what you are to me!

What you are to me
Isn't secret or disguised
It reads like a riddle
On the back of my eyes
Track Name: Don't Forget To Smile
Where did all the
Raindrops go?
Poured into a teapot and
Used to make our tea

We traded them for happy smiles and a
Mid-sized bag of crisps
Our favourite biscuits and a
Cheerful philosophy

People tend to find their friends when they're
Lost amongst the crowd
I'm glad to see they keep each other
Safe and sound

It always seems to me like we have
Things that we don't say
To one another, to ourselves
Each and every day

Don't forget to listen
Don't forget to take your time
Don't forget to speak your mind and
Don't forget to smile
Track Name: Olivia [BONUS TRACK]
Two question that I
Can't get off my mind
Do I know you?
And do you know me in kind?

It's possible I've only seen what
You make yourself out to be and
As for me
I can fool my own eyes

Wait a minute, let me
Explain myself
I'm not in love with you, I just
Don't know what I felt

It's too good to be true
One day I was lonely, and the next day I met you
It's too good to believe
You looked like you were lonely and now you're stuck with me

Two thoughts that I
Think you should know
That I'm hoping
That you don't get bored of me

The other thought I can't recall but it was
Probably along the lines of
Something about liking you? Ah, I can't remember. It's probably not that important. Anyway,

Wait a minute, let me express myself
I am in love with you, I know exactly what I felt

It's too good to be true
One day I was lonely, and the next day I met you
It's too great to believe
You looked like you were lonely, and now you're stuck with me

As far as stories go, this one
Isn't too impressive
It's not all that transgressive, It's just
Pretty standard stuff

But here comes the twist,
It's not all that surprising it's just
Unrequited love

It's too bad to believe
I thought that you were lonely, turns out that was me
It's too bad to be true
But that's the end of the story, the story of me and you


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