Fits In The Frame

by Dominic Rae

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francesca I can’t get over the beauty of this album. It’s utterly stunning in so many different ways, and I feel like I pick up a new element every time I give it a listen. Epically huge intertwined with delicate moments that make this album so intrinsically individual. Favorite track: Retrograde.
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mattaustin95 The best high concept folk album of all time. 79/100 Favorite track: The End.
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Musings on time, death, and the end of the world.

Fits In The Frame mixes folk ideas with contemporary execution, taking inspiration from the aesthetic of Americana, analogue photography, and 'Morii' to weave a deep soundscape, centred on acoustic guitar and filled out with banjo, vocals, and pulsing electronic instrumentation. Just as much an exercise in conceptual composition as it is in personal expression, these 6 songs come together to form a whole that portrays more than just the sum of its parts.

Submitted as my final project for the Digital Music and Sound Arts course, 2019. Download includes documentation PDF and artbook of photographs taken for the project.

More on Morii:


released May 15, 2019

Written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Dominic Rae between DMSA Studios and home.

Artwork by Dominic Rae.

Many thanks to all my friends and family, to my lecturers and contemporaries, to the people I know and the people who know me, and to my mother.


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Dominic Rae Brighton, UK

Dominic Rae is a musician and sound engineer, currently stationed in Brighton.

Centred on folk and emo and learning the ropes of sound, song by song by song.

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Track Name: Intro
Tempered and hollow
Make the deeds I never did
Mettle and nostalgia
For a life I never lived

So easily do these stories
Fit within a frame
Anamnesis unearned as I
Tell them all again
Track Name: Creation Myth
It was aligned
How the stars are born and live and die

So we alight
A departure from the swift sweepstakes of time, time,

Take my life into your arms, hold no quarter, do no harm

Time, time, time, time, time!

Takes us all,
All, all, all

Hide your hands
Stay inside
Screaming hair
A thousand eyes
World stands still
Dormant time
Sequenced Life
Mine all mine
Track Name: Vignette
[In between my breathing
Overneath the ceiling
In the soil a-marching and
In the crib a-teething
In the street surrounding
Reverberations sounding
Through the people walking and
In the earth unfeeling]

Can you see
Them walking,

The world is always spinning
Turning in its grave
prematurely consigned
Sewn into its fate

History and future
Bound into a page
Rage against the dying light
Performance on a stage

This is the world that
Long ago was made
A life moving forwards
Bound in retrograde

Worded in chains and
Locked in vignette
Time waits for no one so
Make your own time instead

Like a picture in a frame
Track Name: Retrograde
I've never died before
But I wonder what it feels like
I have a good life
So why am I so dissatisfied?

Steadily reminiscent of my past behaviour
Watching the walls to keep myself in check
Watching the world go by, my camera is my saviour
Saving my head from moving on to what's next

Put faith in what you remember
Don't let your memories go
Everything happens so quickly so I
Need something to cling to when I'm old

I took a walk through the town
Now I hear birdsong all around
An acorn's grave will
Birth an oak tree
Light the fire, sound the sirens
Death won't be the end of me

(Death won't be the end of me)
Every time I read a word or a name
(Death won't be the end of me)
I always wonder how long it will take
(Death won't be the end of me)
Every name has its final day
Its final day, never to be said again
Track Name: The End
[Moment to moment to
Hour to hour to
Second to second to
Day by day]

Hold my head and make me dream
Break my neck but keep it clean
The world is ending, fate upending
Fractures endlessly
But time stays ticking in between

Someday the quiet
And our life compliant
Will fall away and go astray in a
Million blazing shining ways
And then

Lights will paint the sky as Armageddon looms and towers
And people running faster can't escape their final hours
Foliage will grow from the sinks and the showers
Filling up your home with their irridescent flowers

Hope will lose all meaning, you might
Realise you're not dreaming, you might
Realise the world doesn't
work as your thought it once did
Track Name: After The Last Page
Takes us all
Makes us rise, lets us fall
In the end, it takes us all

And the world
I let it lead me through
Cuz just like me, and just like you
Without it I feel small

Now hey!
Just cuz I say these things
About the things I'm wondering
Doesn't mean I feel nothing at all

And maybe
What we see in books is illusion
Just an allusion to the delusion
We live by every day

Cuz lately
I've been seeing things from a new point of view
And it changed me so, so greatly, yeah it
Shook me up all through

And say!
If the world spins round and
Lifts us up and lets us down
If time gives light and life to us
Doesn't it make sense that we chained it down?

We tore it to pieces
Gave it a name
years and days, page by page
What a conceited claim

We ripped it to shreds
Oh my, how it bleeds
Just to act like we're in charge
The world after our needs

The world always comes after our needs
We rearrange the pieces we made
A monster born of flesh and hubris
Forced to take its given name

I don't feel guilty, no not at all
Cuz I can see the reasons we claim
As time falls from its grace, as we
Fit it into a frame

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