Acousticismics EP

by Dominic Rae

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seconddegreeperm thumbnail
seconddegreeperm I empathise and admire the passion of the bread based ballad! Makes me feel warm and toasty inside Favorite track: Bread.
francesca thumbnail
francesca Humorous & truthful lyrics, great catchy melodies complete with some sexy harmonies. What's better than warm, fresh bread? Listening to this EP. Favorite track: Bread.
mattaustin95 thumbnail
mattaustin95 Funky bops about crying and bread are totally my jam. Dominic Rae you have done it again. Favorite track: Cry Again.
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Me and my acoustic guitar have this lil thing going, sometimes I strum it and sometimes it plays the right chords.

Songwriting for me is the crystallisation of my emotions, packaging them up in neat little parcels the same way crying releases excess brain chemicals. I feel quite strongly about a lot of things, such as video games and bread, this is a little set of thoughts and yearnings from the last few months, off my chest and straight to your ears for reconsumption and assimilation. Hope you like them!


released March 9, 2019

Written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Dominic Rae between DMSA Studio 4 and home.

Photography by Francesca Thornton, design by Dominic Rae.

Big thanks to all my friends, family, teachers and collaborators! I believe that every momentary experience influences who I am and what I do, so in a way this is your EP too! Names will now be listed for a more personal thanking experience:

Isaac Adams, Matt Austin, Mo & Des Bennett, Fiona Bennett-Heritage, Alex Berdugo, Daniel Greenhead, John Heritage, Joshua Legallienne, Bob Morton, Bob Rae, Zachary Rae, Francesca Thornton, Adam Turton, Jeni Wareham, Holger Zschenderlein, Kez, Lois, Polly-Anna, the members of the University of Brighton Music Society, all my coursemates in DMSA, everyone else I've forgotten whilst writing this at 1am, and all the staff at Pompoko for providing the people of Brighton with really, really good food.




Dominic Rae Brighton, UK

Dominic Rae is a musician and sound engineer, currently stationed in Brighton.

Centred on folk and emo and learning the ropes of sound, song by song by song.

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Track Name: Aaron & Camilla
Graffiti on the wall
Out the sunroof standing tall
If my dad knew what I knew
He wouldn't think he knows it all

You didn't like the shirt and tie
Looking back, I can see why
But all the cigarettes and drugs made it up
Until the booze dried out

I like your hair and I think you're pretty cool
It's a shame you're stuck hanging out with such a loser
But driving round town and checking sundown from the ferris wheel
Makes me glad we bend the rules

They say you're a bad
Influence, and I'd bet my
Fifty cents that they're right
But when you showed up at my

Door asking to sleep on the couch
I remember why I skip class with you
Cuz your soul burns bright

Through vomit, hepatitis and the flu
I don't know what I'd do without you
Track Name: Anagram
Fell down in the dark again
Cleave my soul in twain
I remember some things but not everything
So send in the heartache, I'm ready for the pain

New friend! You seem familiar
Feels wrong to say we've never met before
Just like stepping through a mirror
Feels the same at first, but I am left wanting more

You know forgiveness never hurt anyone
Mercy never hurt anyone before

I miss the old days dearly
Now we sing a different tune
So I play these new games teary
Deciphering the meaning of these new runes
Track Name: Cry Again
Sometimes I wish I cried more frequently
Rest my shoulders and let it all out
Something about me keeps me from weeping
And I wanna feel my tears, I don't care what they're about

Does that make me strange?
Shouldn't it be the other way around?

I can't feel the tears in my eyes
For all I know they're not even there
Feels like I can't really realise
What is keeping me from laying my soul bare

Whatever, I guess I'm just stone cold
Emotional ringtone clone
So I'll stare at my phone til 3am
Reading about how my problems are actually so overblown

Cuz it makes me feel less strange
But I don't mind feeling strange

So how long til I can
Cry again? Used to do it all the time
Only ten years ago my life has moved so slowly
But I still like to play pretend

Sometimes I wish I cried more frequently
Rest my soul and let it all out
Something inside me keeps from me weeping
Soaks up all the tears and deletes what they're about
Track Name: Bread
Sunday night and
I haven't eaten yet
Lying in bed, wishing I was feeling
Less like death

My only company
On my phone
Cheers me up and calms me down
My constant companion when I'm alone

I get up to get some
Food from the fridge
To help with my mood
A tasty sandwich

And I wish I had some
Better bread
A little stale, got nothing on the

So I buy it up from the bakers
Saying sourdough is my favourite
Within the wheat grain, water, salt and yeast
Won't you sit with me and eat?

Good bread and a
Comfortable bed
A phone that charges at least up to
Sixty percent

Friends who listen to your problems
Easy access to some chocolate
The simplest pleasures to get through life are
Always the best

What's better than warm, fresh bread?
Playing games til 3am?
What's better than warm, fresh bread?
Seeing your friends when you're upset?
What's better than warm, fresh bread?
Taking a break when you're ahead?
What's better than warm, fresh bread?
Finding out there's a whole loaf left

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